23.04.2020 - News Elementar

A new, dedicated solution for the detection of honey adulteration

Discover the new BiovisION Honey

BiovisION Honey

The new BiovisION Honey IRMS system is especially designed for the analysis of honey samples to detect food adulteration.

We are proud to announce the launch of our new dedicated solution, BiovisION Honey. BiovisION Honey capitalizes on our unparalleled experience in high-temperature combustion technology to offer a robust, straight-forward solution for detecting the fraudulent adulteration of honey. The system provides highly reliable performance that minimises downtime and offers exceptional cost-effectiveness compared to other honey testing technologies.  

In the current market, demand for honey adulteration tests is on the rise. Greater value is being placed on the purity of this natural, energy-rich product than ever before, with rules laid out by the Codex Alimentarius stating that no other substances or additives can be added to honey. At the same time, consumer demand for honey products is increasing and honeybee populations are in decline, meaning fraudulent providers are seeing considerable incentives to flood the market with adulterated products. BiovisION Honey is the ideal solution to rapidly and efficiently analyse suspicious honey samples for adulteration helping protecting consumers, industry and public health.

The system comprises our new iso CHROM® LC system which uniquely uses high temperature oxidation interface for liquid chromatography for the detection of C4 (cane, HFCS) and C3 (beet, rice) sugar adulteration of honey. Compared to traditional wet-chemical techniques which often have unplanned downtime due to maintenance requirements and blockages, the iso CHROM® LC is significantly more reliable and simpler to operate maximising uptime and efficiency for contract analysis laboratories.  

Being highly automated with little manual control and optimization requirements means BiovisION Honey rapidly returns on investment. Tool free maintenance, automated diagnostics and automated post-analysis data processing routines ensure that operators are able to successfully process large numbers of samples with minimal instrument contact time.

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